Visits to the farm are by appointment only. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We reserve the right to deny entry to any person, at any time, for any reason.

All parts of the farm are subject to 24 hour audio and video surveillance.

For your safety and for the protection of our land, farm animals and crops, we ask that you read all the rules listed below. Please observe and follow ALL notices and signs.

1. Absolutely NO THROWING of fruit, vegetables, rocks, sticks, etc.

2. No coolers/picnic baskets/boxes of food.

3. Please do not bring food from home for the farm animals. They are on a strict, nutritional diet.

4. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on the farm! Anyone smoking will be asked to extinguish their cigarette or cigar and/or asked to leave. E-Cigarettes are not allowed on the farm.

5. No alcohol is allowed on the farm.

6. No weapons or costume weapons that give the appearance of being real are allowed on the farm. We request that any weapons be secured in your vehicle during your visit.

7. No drones are allowed. Our farm is a flight restricted area.

8. To make your visit a fun & educational experience, we ask that you please WATCH & MAINTAIN CONTROL over your children. Please read and obey all signs and instructions as they are intended for the safety of all.


10. Please be aware of, and keep well away from all tractors and farm machinery. We are a working farm and our machines are active continuously throughout the day.


Payment in full is required at the time the animal leaves our farm. Generally, payment is accepted in the form of cash, or credit card.

Acceptance of any check is at our sole discretion, on a case by case basis only. In the event we accept a check as payment, the following policy shall apply, and you acknowledge and agree to the following:

"In the event your check is returned unpaid, you authorize your check to be electronically redeposited for the face amount of the check. Recovery fees, as applicable by Kentucky Statute, will be assessed on all returned checks and may be collected, by us or our agent, Econ-O-Check, from your checking account. By presenting your check for payment for your transaction, you are acknowledging your acceptance of our Check Acceptance Policy."

If you have any questions concerning our check acceptance policy, please discuss it with us at the time of purchase or you may contact our agent at 1-888-374-3369

Animal Sales Policies

  1. We reserve the right to refuse to sell any animal to anyone for any reason at any point in the transaction if we feel it is in the best interest of the animal.
  2. No animal leaves our premises without having an ear tattoo or other required marking/tag, and without the paperwork showing the corresponding. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  3. Animals are available on a first come/first served basis—this policy includes deposit holds.
  4. We do not sell animals before they have been properly weaned and we are sure they are eating and drinking on their own.
  5. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for each animal you desire to purchase. Animals are considered property of Black Cat Paddock until payment is made in full.
  6. After a hold is placed, pick-up must occur within 2 weeks of deposit. Any animal not picked up within 2 weeks of deposit will be reposted for sale and the deposit is forfeit (unless prior arrangements have been made in writing and additional boarding fees may apply).
  7. Animals sold bred for the client must be paid in full before the breeding. Payment for bred animals cannot be refunded.
  8. Pet quality animals (with hereditary disqualifications in the purebred standard) receive an animal birth certificate, other purebred animals receive a three generation pedigree
  9. Sale listings are kept as current as possible. Please contact us for exact availability. Pending=awaiting deposit, Hold=deposit received, Sold=animal is in it’s new home
  10. Buyer is responsible for safe transportation. We will be glad to deliver a animal to any show we attend without charge. If you don't show up at the agreed upon time and place, your deposit is not refundable.
  11. If at any time you are unable to keep your animal, please contact us to arrange for its return. We do not want any of our animals to be surrendered to a shelter. We do ask that you supply the cage and feeding containers you have provided for small animals, as we may not always have cage space available and it generally takes a while to re-home the animal. You may pick up your cage when the animal gets a new home. Once returned the animal becomes property of Black Cat Paddock and no refund or replacement is offered.
  12. All purchases are subject to KY Sales Tax 6%, as required by law, unless an exemption form is on file with us.


  • All of our animals will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale.
  • Sex will also be confirmed to the best of our ability, at the time of sale. No refund will be given for mistaken gender identification of an animal.
  • We will not knowingly sell any animal showing outward signs of infection, sore hocks, snuffles, diarrhea or any other visible illness.
  • Domesticated rabbits are sensitive and somewhat fragile creatures. Since they are prone to injury and digestive issues, we offer no health guarantee on our rabbits except an exchange policy if a state licensed DVM examines your rabbit within seven days of sale and provides a professional diagnosis of illness in writing, sent to us on their letterhead. No exchange of a rabbit will be granted in the case of abuse, neglect, overheating or chilling, attack by another animal, travel stress, overdose or improper/unnecessary use of medication, unsanitary or unsafe housing, exposure to sick rabbits, breeding complications, misfeeding or mishandling by an adult or a child, and no refund is allowed in any case. There may be a wait of several weeks or months until a suitable exchange is available.
  • Black Cat Paddock is not responsible for any expenses, charges, vet bill or necropsy charge incurred after the animal leaves our care.