Our sheep are raised naturally, without unnecessary antibiotics, and with lots of spoiling and love.

At various times throughout the year, we are able to provide the following:

  1. Uncastrated lambs to supplement others' breeding programs.
  2. Castrated males.
  3. Castrated males, grown out (finished) ready for butcher, usually done by prior arrangement, for those who are unable to raise their own for any number of reasons.

Shetland Sheep Facts

Scientific name: Ovis aries

Weight: 74 – 150 lbs

Country of Origin: Scotland

Conservation Status: Recovering

Temperament: Active, Docile, Good Natured

Uses: Wool, Meat, Conservation Grazing

Wool Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Emsket, Fawn, Grey, Light Grey, Mioget, Moorit, Musket, Shaela, and White

Wool Markings: Bielset, Blaget, Bleset, Flecket, Fronet, Gulmoget, Iset, Katmoget, Mirkface, Smirslet, Sokket, Sponget, Yuglet

Horns: Males horned, ewes polled. Occasionally males will be polled and ewes will be horned

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