Our hogs are raised naturally, without unnecessary antibiotics, and with lots of spoiling and love.

At various times throughout the year, we are able to provide the following:

  1. Uncastrated boars and sows to supplement others' breeding programs.
  2. Castrated boars(barrows) also known as feeder pigs.
  3. Castrated boars, grown out (finished) ready for butcher, usually done by prior arrangement, for those who are unable to raise their own for any number of reasons.

American Guinea Hogs:


We currently raise the blonde Mangalitsa.

They are born with stripes, resembling wild hogs. Their hair slowly changes color as they grow.

Grown Mangalitsa, as shown here, have their blonde sweaters. The best way we could describe it is comparable to the texture of the old green outdoor carpet. They love water and mud, and will take any opportunity to find both.

Their meat is unique. It is said to be the "Kobe beef" of pork. Beautiful coloring, marbled with the right amount of fat. They take around 15 months to grow out to butchering weight.

They truly are wonderful pigs, and a treat to raise.